in-situ / ways to measure time

Sílvio Salgado


Studio and exhibition space by Sílvio salgado

29 April - 20 May 2017

Silvio Salgado’s exhibition in-situ / ways to measure time addresses the pressing question of the relation between work, space and time. He discards the idea of the white canvas as the starting point – and builds his artwork on a dialogue between his own artistic process and the former life of his workspace. Salgado’s work contributes to the discussion on the changing nature of the workspace and redefines the private nature of the artists’ studio.

Salgado’s exhibition takes place in room.f.54, a hybrid space dedicated to art in Helsinki. It functions both as a workspace and an exhibition space run by the artist. Room.f.54 was formerly a painting studio and contained all the marks, traces, and imprints of its former use. Salgado took over the space a year ago and spent the first months refurbishing it. In the process, the space was redefined, now as Salgado’s studio and territory. With Salgado’s exhibition, room.f.54 opens to the public on 29 April 2017.

The time spent by Salgado photo-documenting the space before its refurbishment, removing staples, nails from the walls, painting the walls, laying a new floor, building partition walls are as important as the work that followed. They bear witness to the different roles and tasks in which the artist engages in the various stages of producing an artwork. In engaging physically with the room, the body's movements become an extension of the work. As any space carries references to its previous function; so do artworks have a life, not only in space, but also in time. No other work reflects this better than Salgado’s drawing titled 40 121 strokes that consists of 240 sheets placed to dress the structures on the ceiling.

Salgado, the most resent invader of room.f.54, has transformed the room into an art-object. Think of Piet Mondrian’s art studios; Kurt Schwitters’s Merzsäule realised in a room belonging to his father in his parents’ house and which later, from 1933, led to his Merzbau; and Marcel Broodthaers’ Musée d’Art Modern, Départment des Aigles in his Brussels home between 1968 and 1972.

Room.f.54 is housed in a former industrial building, from early 1900s, run by The Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation. The existence of the artist's studio, one of the few remaining bastions of privacy, has always been a point of interest for those interested in art, both the general public and those few who have had the privilege to open the door and pass through its threshold. Salgado’s work poses the question about the role of the artist’s studio in the 21st century. The bastion-like character of the building housing room.f.54 embodies this myth of closed privacy and creation – except for those with access to it.

Like through many of his previous artworks and curatorial projects, through the exhibition in-situ / ways to measure time at room.f.54, Salgado addresses the topic of how to negotiate the relationship between the public and the private spheres of life and how to relate to them.

Sílvio Salgado is a Portuguese artist living in Helsinki and Berlin (born in Mozambique in 1968). He has exhibited in various solo and group shows in Finland, UK, Belgium, Austria, Portugal and other countries and worked as an independent curator. Since 2001, he has run Vienna International Apartment, an art association and international platform that creates opportunities for local artists to meet and collaborate with international artists. Salgado’s latest works include the solo show How Did I Get Here (Part 1), 2015, in LaitosKollektiv (active 2014-2015), Helsinki; and the curatorial collaboration How Did I Get Here (Part 2), 2015, with Olli Piippo and Marcus Ek from Black Market, featuring Walt van Beek, Ariel Hassan, Ida Koitila, Jukka Korkeila, Roland Persson, Jussi Niva and Marguerite van Sandick in Vienna International Apartment, Berlin.

Private view on Friday 28 April 2017 from 5pm to 8pm.

Exhibition is open on Saturday 29 April 2017 from 12pm to 6pm and until 20 May 2017 by appointment:

Tel. +358 (0)44 334 42 97, Email: via.salgado.silvio(at)gmail.com

room.f.54 is also open on the Open Studios Day on Friday 19 May 2017 from 11am to 6 pm; 

organised by the Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation and the University of the Arts Helsinki.


Nilsiänkatu 13 / F 54

00510 Helsinki

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